JUNE 2020


We believe that the best way to learn English is to be immersed in American language, lifestyle, and culture.

IHC's four week summer programs tailor the curriculum to each student's needs, whether a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The courses are designed to start at any level and for students to make rapid progress.

The program includes morning English language classes with a degreed instructor (native English speaker) and teacher's aide and fun afternoon activities on the island of Oahu. A limited number of optional homestays are available for high school students.

Classes take place on the campus of St. Andrew's Priory School in downtown Honolulu, an easy 10-15 minute ride from Waikiki.

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Ongoing availability for individuals and groups

IHC is happy to provide tailor-made programming for groups and grantees upon request. 

Designed to meet individual needs and budgets, we can accommodate a variety of interests, activities, and specializations. IHC focuses on educational and cultural exchange, so all programming offers an aspect of interaction with the English language and American cultural and lifestyle.

English Immersion:

We offer tailored coursework in intensive English language study for students of all ages and English levels. All classes are taught by a master teacher who is a native English speaker.

Options include a homestay with an American host family and extracurricular activities. Additional programming, such as sports (e.g., surfing, horseback riding, tennis, hiking, and martial arts) is also an option. You can also choose length of program duration and frequency of activities.

Professional programming and training:

  • Cross-cultural communications

  • Hotels, hospitality, and tourism

  • Alternative energy resources

  • Ecology

  • Astronomy on the Big Island of Hawaii

  • Social work

  • Tropical agriculture and and aquaculture

  • Marine biology

Culture and the arts:

  • Arts and crafts of Hawaii

  • Hula dance and Hawaiian music (guitar, ukulele and slack key)