Homestay hosts:

  • Welcome hosts (2-3 months)

  • Academic year**

  • Academic semester**

  • Summer (high school ESL students from Asia and Europe)

  • Summer and fall (Japanese university level students for weekend to 2 week stays)

** our most pressing needs


“Bring the world to your doorstep.”

Volunteering allows you to experience the cultures and languages of the world without having to travel. It brings the cross-cultural experience to you. And, in turn you share your own unique lifestyle with international participants, fulfilling their dreams to learn more about American life.

No matter what your level of engagement is, we are confident that you’ll find your experience with IHC personally enriching.

When you get to know grantees from around the world, you begin to see your own perspectives broaden. You might learn how to say “thank you” in the language of Bambara or see a global conflict in a new light. Or, you might finally perfect that borscht recipe you’ve been attempting all these years.

Most importantly, you’ll make life-long friends across the globe.


Each volunteer has something special to offer. The only requirements are a willingness to meet new people of different cultures, extend a warm welcome to your home and community, and share friendship and common interests.

IHC volunteers represent a cross-section of our community and are of varied ages, social and economic status, backgrounds, religions, races, and interests. Some are single, others are partnered or married, and others are retired. Some have children and others do not.

We ask that volunteers be friendly, eager to learn, tolerant, flexible, and proud of one’s community...a sense of humor can be an invaluable asset in crossing cultures!

Just as there is no “perfect” participant, there is no “perfect” host. All are welcome!


We are actively seeking homestay hosts to welcome students for the first 2-3 months of their stay or for the academic year/semester beginning in mid-August.

Students are in high school and come from countries such as Mali, Senegal, France, Spain, Germany, Lebanon, Denmark, Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Australia, Switzerland, and many others.


  • Provide room and board (students can share a bedroom but must have own bed)

  • Involve the student in family life and activities

  • Treat the student as an active member of your family, not a formal guest

If you have questions about hosting, please contact Barbara Bancel at 808-521-3554.