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Bringing the World Home


The International Hospitality Center offers a unique homestay program in Hawaii and select U.S. Mainland locations for young adults aged 18 to 30.

Participants will “homestay” with an American host family who will open their home without financial remuneration and provides room, board (meals taken in the host home), family activities (e.g., beach, barbecues, shopping, sports, sharing holidays, family events, etc.).

Participants are motivated to share their culture, language, and customs with the host family.

Host families are eager to involve their student in the American way of life and to converse in English, enabling the participant to practice and improve his/her language skills.

Homestay placements are offered year-round in the following locations:

  1. Hawaiian Islands (Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Big Island)

  2. U.S. Mainland (California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina)

Application Instructions:

  1. 1. Mail Participant Application (pdf), Agreement & Release Form (pdf), “Dear Family” letter, photo, and proof of health/accident insurance with payment. You may also fax us at 1-808-943-2761.

  2. 2. Please apply at least six weeks before your intended homestay start date. For example, if you would like a homestay beginning June 1, please apply by April 15.

  3. 3. After your homestay, please don’t forget to thank your host family!

To learn more and to apply, please contact Barbara Bancel at (808) 521-3554 or ihc@priory.net.

Individual Home Placements